Self-Reliant Living and Organic Vegetables in Cherry Valley Ar

I started Lone Wolf Acres in 2012. In 2015 LaWanda joined me on my journey, and together we strive to create a Self-Reliant Lifestyle.

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We are a small homestead in NE Arkansas striving toward “Self-Reliant Living”. Our goal is to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and to grow our food utilizing organic practices. We share our journey on our homesteading blog, and we offer a wide array of “Products & Services” for both our online visitors and our local customers.

We offer our online visitors a free downloads page for printables to help with your journey toward “Self-Reliant Living”. Our homesteading blog offers you even more information geared toward living a “Self-Reliant” lifestyle. Our store offers a wide range of items, and we are constantly adding more all the time.

Our local customers can utilize the website to keep tabs on what’s happening around the homestead, and what will be available for purchase. If you live in the NE Arkansas area (around Forrest City, Parkin, Earl, Wynne, Colt, Vandale, Cherry Valley, Harrisburg, Fair Oaks, or McCroy) and would like to be notified when we have Fruits & Veggies, Farm Fresh Eggs, or Small Livestock for sale, be sure to sign up for our mailing list.

While you’re here don’t forget to claim one of the free downloads, and stay up to date with our website, social media pages, and YouTube channel.

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